Canada’s buildings make up about 33% of the total country’s energy usage. The cost of energy requires
30 – 40% of a building’s operational budget and that energy is used up through resident’s heating,
ventilation and air conditioning equipment.
Here are 5 ways you can save yourself money and save Canada some energy:
1. Optimize equipment efficiency in your home. Install heating, air conditioning and proper
ventilation systems. If you air conditioning system is 15 years old, it is probably time for a
replacement. Reach out to experts in the field to get honest advice about top brands with high
energy efficiency that will last you many years to come.
2. Execute preventable maintenance on your systems. If you have a system in your home that
works non-stop, there is every chance in the world that it will break. The more problems with a
machine, the lower the energy efficiency that exists. This will cost the owner more in the longrun, unless they employ a technician to regularly tune-up their systems. This includes executing
inspections, cleaning air filters, changing air filters, lubricating parts of the machine, checking
controls, and thoroughly cleaning. These acts of maintenance benefit both the resident and the
countries’ energy usage level.
3. Take the Canada Greener Home Grant which offers 700,000 homeowners Canada-wide up to $5000
in grants to upgrade their home. This upgrade includes energy-efficient retrofit changes to their home as
Natural Resources Canada gives $2.6 billion in 7 years to Canadian homeowners to help improve the
countries overall energy efficiency. Take advantage of this offer.
How do I know if I’m eligible?
• Single or semi-detached homes
• Townhomes
• Mobile homes on permanent foundation
• Floating homes with permanent mooring
• Cottages
• Mixed-use homes
• Low-rise residential buildings with multiple units
Provide proof of retrofitting and registry that this home is your primary residence, proof of ownership,
and only one homeowner per property may apply. Register online at Greener Home Grants Portal .
3. Buy a thermostat. Keep a closer look at your daily energy output and have a controllable
thermostat where you can program “off” hours. Time for your system to rest and time to
decrease your energy bill and energy output.
4. Seal and insulate your house. Save up to 20% of your heating and cooling costs annually by
sealing your home so that your air conditioning and heating system don’t have to pick up for the
slack. Seal and insulate the shell of your property with the correct materials and save yourself